How We Do It

There are several ways in which DSM can work with you to bring your vision to fruition. Typically we work in a three-phase process: 1) Concept Study & Business Plan 2) TAPS and 3) Management. The below sections clearly explain in more detail how we work within each section in terms of client expectations and work deliverables.

Phase 1: Concept Study and Business Plan

For the majority of our clients, this is the starting point. The Concept and Business Plan helps clients to understand the wellness market, the opportunities in their location, what type and how many facilities to build, how to position the property and appeal to the market and the financial potential of the business. The final report helps all stakeholders to understand the opportunity and the resources required.

  • Site Visit/Location Review

    To understand the strengths and weaknesses of the property, and how it may be best utilised or converted for wellness use.
  • Project Review

    Comment on any work already completed, and the constraints that may apply moving forward.
  • Objectives

    Summation of client goals and objectives; and agreement of future aims.
  • Market Study

    Analysis of the business context, including, location; tourism profile and trends; wellness tourism statistics; consumer profiles; trends; and competitive review.
  • Positioning

    Recommend how the property may best be positioned relative to competitors, and how to take advantage of market gaps.
  • SWOT Analysis

    Review of internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as external opportunities and threats.
  • Concept

    Overview of the recommended concept options and all related details for moving forward with a stated project.
  • Target Market

    Description of the primary and secondary target markets to whom the concept would most appeal.
  • Branding

    In-depth market research, analysis and evaluation of branding options.
  • Menu of Services

    Research, create and propose a full list of recommended services to be offered.
  • Facilities

    Draft an Area Program, identifying all required areas for wellness centre operation.
  • Staffing Plan

    Identify the type, number and cost of staff required; a budget for pre-opening staffing; and assumptions for operational staffing budget.
  • Training Plan

    Assumptions and budget for the type and duration of training required; and budget for pre-opening training.
  • Inventory

    Preliminary estimate of inventory budget for Specialist Operator’s equipment and Operating Supplies and Consumables.
  • Additional Consultants

    List of any other experts that may be required, e.g., hydrothermal designers, structural engineers, wellness advisors, etc.
  • Marketing Strategy

    Recommend high-level marketing strategy based on the proposed business model and objectives.
  • Set-up Costs

    Including all the initial hard and soft costs required to the point of Soft Opening.
  • Profit & Loss

    Detailed fiscal projections covering the first five years of operation.